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Delivery expectations for iPhone 7 PLUS?

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Seperate thread for 7+ customers to update each other.

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Takes 7-10 for your deposits to go back into your bank x 


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iPhone 7+ black 256gb in stock on the Carphone Warehouse site.


Someone at o2 f***** up.

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Hi Nick, yes cancelled with O2, 14 day deposit return policy, outrageous!!!! They take it quickly enough.


Still went with them as my provider via CPW, not worried about next year, will get one and pass this account to the wife, she'll be happy!!!


Just taken me half an hour on chat to make sure they emailed me confirmation of my cancellation


CPW, brilliant, ordered at noon yesterday, arrived at my office at 10:10 this morning


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Thanks for the information - toying very seriously with this now. Originally, I thought the idea of a one year contract change to the iPhone 8 next year would be good, but this debacle has put me off...imagine the clamour for this so-called 'wonder phone' next year it'll be even worse no doubt....!


I think I might just make the change. If O2 don't contact me within the next 3 hours to tell me my phone is ready for dispatch, I'm cancellling and going to CPW and sod the iPhone 8!


Thanks again.



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no problem Nick, you are coming from the same page I was on yesterday!!!!!


was so easy with CPW, beginning to wish I had done it with them 3 weeks ago now


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@Anonymous I don't know if you read my post a few times now. Some of us would jump ship as well but CPW do not offer the refresh contract so you would be tied down to a straight 2year contract. I made the same mistake with my iPhone 6 so couldn't buy out my contract. 


If if you are looking to upgrade every year then 02 themselves are the only ones to offer you a refresh contract. 


The choice is yours. Think well before cancelling as you may have to start afresh!

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Hi @Olamilekan


Yes I understand that hence my post previously but thanks for pointing it out and I have given it careful consideration - I had a 2 year previously and am coming from a 6 having missed out the 6S.  I only went with the contract because of the yearly change round this time as I thought the 8 showed even more promise but I think we will be here 12 months later all in the same boat, so perhaps I should give it a miss...


The most annoying thing was really me choosing Jet Black and not thinking it would have such a supply problem!  I had silver before and never thought it looked bad, apart from the white front which looked odd at times.


Thank you again for the advice and the 3 hour clock is ticking....

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Update (which has only recently been posted on their track your order page): the usual cut and paste stock reply. Not a great deal of help to all of us patiently waiting for any news of our outstanding phone orders!


"Update as of 10:00 06/10/2016 - We've continued to work with Apple and are pleased to say our stock situation for iPhone is improving. We will continue to complete our outstanding orders in the order in which they were placed.
Any customers who have not received their order as planned will have received a text to inform them of the latest status. We've been in touch with customers who were given a delivery date of 23, 26, 27 or 30 September, and will keep them updated when more stock arrives."

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keep dreaming, the updates are a waste of time, on chat when cancelling again they echoed on about the worldwide shortage, to which I said:


"Carphonewarehouse have most in stock for next day delivery, so Apple must hold O2 in very low esteem"


no response to that one, but a sorry you feel that way!!!!!!

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I ordered 128gb mb plus and am seriously considering jumping ship to carphone as as I see it the refresh scheme isn't all it seems. From what I understand they take your phone and pay off the remaining balance with the proceeds of the sale of the handset but what if you've paid an large sum upfront like me (£189) then you'll lose out because you'll have to pay another amount upfront again in 12 months. It's only really doable if you go for the free handset each time?

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