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Delivery expectations for iPhone 7 PLUS?

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Seperate thread for 7+ customers to update each other.

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Just received text to say my phone is ready for collection.

It has been a pleasure reading the community's comments and experiences....we finally got there in the end....

Last by not least 'be assured' I will be back on Sep 9th 2017 😜
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I have been with O2 many years and first year i have felt compelled to turn to the forums, i am glad i have done so.


We are all being treated with utter and total disregard by O2, not sure how the experience would be with other providers, but that's not the point. O2 is the seller and my issue is not the wait, its the fact that i can't for love nor money, get information or a shiny JB 128GB iPhone 7 Plus which i have already paid for.


How on earth any company can justify selling products they are unable to forecast accurate dates upon is tantamount to daylight robbery.


Big companies just don't care, they know, if 1 or 1000 people leave then it's no big deal we are just numbers.


O2 care only about being able to take orders, new or upgrades, and there is nothing in the land that stops this happening.


TV, MP's someone needs to take these matters in hand and highlight the farce that happens every time Apple releases a new iPhone, after 9 years you would have thought they could forecast that this de-barcle would happen every year.


At least on other sights, EE, Carphone Warehouse and others they are giving dates, O2 nothing but silence.


The fact they can't even give us the same information is just that they don't care. Just want to get you off the phone so they can concentrate on what is important to them, making money to pay fat bonuses to the fat directors, you can bet they don't have to wait like this.


It reminds me of a story i heard in my local employer. Really rubbish service provided by a large blue eagled credit card until one of the senior directors family members was mistreated, then suddenly it was changed.


What it takes is for one of the fat directors of O2 or their family to get the same messages we do and you can guarantee it will change overnight, until then we either put up with it, or go somewhere else.


Of course O2 know that most of us won't because 99% chance the other companies will be as Shot but it's all about profits and nothing about caring.


CW is claiming a 128GB JB 7+ for delivery at end of October, to buy outright i think is also cheaper than the O2 monthly plan, but can't find the figures.


So we all just have to wait patiently.


Please all continue the ranting, maybe one day someone will read these posts who can do soemthing and realize what an utter disgraceful display O2 are showing.


Sad but true. Hope all those lucky ones of you with 7's in your hands are enjoying them and looking forward to next years repeat performance....


O2 you are a disgrace and should sort out your systems and processes and place some focus on the people who pay your wages. Without us you would not exist, you make me physically sick.



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I wish o2 updated and text me of what is happening to my order no text or email

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Hi All been reading for a few days and thought i would post!

Upgraded at about 8:10 on the 9th and paid existing contract off early (£420!!)

however realised that because the o2 site was going mad at the time (kept having to go in and out of the order) that it went through as an iphone 7! so cancelled it and had to wait 24 hours to be able to put through my upgrade for the MB 128mb 7 Plus - still had showing as delivery on the 23rd Sept though

Been through live chat 3 times in the last week - had different answers everytime and were all about as non informative as the next - have had no communication at all from o2 what so ever - apart from the 'upto more than 6 weeks' - does anyone think this statement doesnt make sense and contradicts itself?!

thinking of cancelling order and going through carphone warehouse on vodafone as they offer a better deal and have the 256bg model in stock for delivery tomorrow!!

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So as a sort of summary, has anyone heard of O2 dispatching any Jet Black Plusses in 128? They must receive models together so persumbly once someone starts getting a JB we'll be on the way.

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Yes! Just got text, it's ready to pick up! It will be in my sweaty little paws within the hour! Woo-hoo!
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I saw a post on this forum somewhere of a JB 7+ being dispatched, don't remember if it was 128 or 256, there is also a specific forum now for JB Delivery


So far looks like no one there has had anything from O2, now there is a surprise


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Yes, mine was hand delivered just this minute, just ripping the wrapping off. This phone had better be bloomin worth it after all this heartache. 😉😂
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I've just had an email from O2 asking for feedback on my recent experiences.....Ooooooh boy..............

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Just had a text from o2, phone has arrived in store. The store then rang me to confirm they have it.
On my way down now to collect.

Thanks to all the help and information received on this forum, more helpful than o2 ever has been.

Meet you's all here next year for a reunion 😂

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