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Delivery expectations for iPhone 7 PLUS?

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Seperate thread for 7+ customers to update each other.

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I've been told today it will be delivered 21st
I know it's far away for a preorder but I have a date and wait. Good luck everyone for today update
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Oh for a date, any date would be a start....
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I was told they still have no updates from apple but everyone else seemed to say the 21st ....... I can't believe this, but I guess it's out of our control
IPhone x ordered from apple Crazy
Iphone 7 Plus Jet Black256
ordered 0940 9/9/16
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Just reading the EE postings, seems to be the same story. At least EE have bothered to text people even if that's not the news they want or has changed. Also seems like EE have a bit more data than O2.


We need to step up a bit, they are at 500+ pages with 10000+ comments, mostly like all of ours. I will say it's for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus so were not doing too badly.


Just want some honesty, if it's going to be another 8 weeks then say so. Everyone who posts having called CS or goes through LS has different messages. Understand there is a bloody Global Shortage but it seems that there is also a Global Shortage of common courtesy and Customer Services also.


Offcom, watchdog and your local MP, even newspapers, someone needs to stop this continually happening. Yes it's most likely down to Apple who manafacture and deliver, but when i phone John Lewis they give me information of go and find it, they don't continually bleet on about the supplier.


From where i sit O2 is the supplier, they are taking the money and handling my upgrade, so i don't care and don't want to hear whose fault it is. It's about time Consumers were taken seriously and treated with the dignity and respect of this century instead of the good ole 18th century.


Have 20 days until my next bill is due, that will be 2 months since ordering. Wonder which will arrive first, at least it's one way to track the time....

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Guess the working closely with Apple is more buull
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well iphoned cs for an update on my silver pus 128 and was told still out of stock so enquired if it was worth while changing the model to a less poular and the adviser said he would speak to sales to find out so 5 mins later he came back on and said OKI HAVE CANCELLED YOUR ORDER GIVE IT 24HOUR AND REORDER!! WTF,went bananas at him i never told him to cancel it i was only enquiring,nothing i can do now he said and put me thru to sales now i have to wait 5 weeks for my phone, on top of them mucking up my ipad pro order last week and having to wait a week for £160 to be returned to my account now i have to wait another week for the £60 upfront fee for the first order to be refunded and now just gave them another £60 for the new order IS THIS COMPANY FOR REAL!!!
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Dear Oh Dear - not good AT ALL for you.....!!!! Smiley MadShocked



I think it pays for us all to sit and wait...however appalling this may be.  By the time I get mine I suspect the iPhone 8 will be out!! Crazy

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nickthornton and then we can start this god awful process all over again, and O2 can start fleecing us of our money again slight_smile

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Indeed...... Confused

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might see if i can get a job with O2 for tis time next year, i have all the qualifictaions, i can say rest assured and i have put a note on your account, plus i can easily make stuff up about where peoples phones are, im waiting for them to start blaming the lack of phones on mythical beasts, and why not, they have tried everything else 


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