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Cannot get 3G on iPhone


I cannot get 3G on my iphone .

I think Ive got the incorrect settings. Can anyone help?    Thanks

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Re: Cannot get 3G on iPhone

You almost certainly don't have the correct settings for your data plan. You need idata showing as a bolt on in my O2.  If not, change an settings to mobile.o2.co. uk

Get the bolt on changed, text ACTIVE to 2020 and save the settings. With idata, the apn should be idata.o2.Co. uk

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Re: Cannot get 3G on iPhone

You can also try a reset of your network settings but most likely the wrong data package for an iPhone.
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Re: Cannot get 3G on iPhone

This is the problem I am having too.  Can't get a response from Live Chat - now I am getting the Ooops cant get to the page you want so I can check if I have the bolt on suggested.


This is getting incredibly frustrating.  

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Re: Cannot get 3G on iPhone

Hi @Anonymous I have just tried MyO2 and it is working for me. You need to keep trying to see if you have the correct bolt on....

Also you can check your settings are correct by following this guide


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