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Apple says my o2 contract iPhone 4S is refurbished! – UPDATE

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For those who genuinely were following the previous related thread, I didn’t reply for a while as my job takes overseas very often, in places where internet is luxury and there’s not just time for forums.


Finally manage to get my phone back from o2 repair office yesterday; five (5) working days after I’ve request it back. o2 last version is that my phone has a component which has been physically damaged, and therefore Out of Warranty. Before they had several versions, including: that my phone wasn’t bought from o2, that someone had opened it before, etc. At least they have recognized that I’ve bought it online from o2.


o2 was really surprised that I haven’t taken their offer to repair my phone for £130, they honestly thought that that was a given, and that’s why probably it took o2 so long to send my phone back to me.


Bottom line, I stick to what apple has said: that my phone was a refurbished one and they have documented it. As far as I‘m concerned, I bought a new phone from o2 and so far I haven’t received it. I will go as far as to courts (through the Ombudsman) if needed, but unfortunately this process has to start with o2 (formal complaint), which I’m doing now.


As per repairs, apple said (correctly) that they don’t repair refurbished phones even if for a payment, but I also did get a quote from a third party who would repair my phone in 20 minutes for £35.


The legal advise I’ve received says that: at this stage it’s irrelevant  how “that” phone did broke, as “my phone” which I did buy from o2 didn’t broke, because I never got it; I incline to agree.

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If I were you ill hold off on getting the phone repaired if you plan to take further action as any evidence of being sold a false "new" handset would be gone.

Unfortunatly that only leaves you with the option of purchasing a phone to use until your case is settled.

I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing your progress.
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Hi VanHelsing ,

It's good to read an update from you.

I hope the situation is resolved as amicably as possible to all the parties involved.
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Watching this thread, if indeed you were sold a refurbished one as new it's quite serious.

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