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Apple Watch series 4

When will O2 catch up and have cellular for the Apple Watch series 4? There will be a new version out before they even sort this out. Absolute joke of a company.
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Re: Apple Watch series 4

@NathanKenneford  I doubt they will be doing anything with the Apple Watch 4.

They didn't with series 3.

Only @Chris_K  can give more info on this.

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Re: Apple Watch series 4

It’s kind of ironic as there was a time when O2 were the go to network for Apple devices and a time when they were the exclusive network


EE and Vodafone seem to have taken that crown now at least as far as the watch goes


I will add that from my own experience as an Apple Watch cellular owner on EE since the series 3, unless you go running outdoors and have an Apple Music subscription to listen to music on your runs you really aren’t missing much. I’ve barely used my watch independently from my phone and if it wasn’t for the fact that I get discounts on my EE lines which make it cheaper to buy the watch on contract through them rather than buy it outright I probably wouldn’t bother with the cellular model

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Re: Apple Watch series 4

Good news @NathanKenneford, the Apple Watch Series 4 is now available with O2! 


You can read all about it here  Smiley Happy

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