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Apple Watch Series 4

When will the gold series 4, 40mm Apple
Watch come back into stock?
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Re: Apple Watch Series 4

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Hey @Kel 


You will just have to keep checking online to see when or if they will be back in stock!  Or go into store and see if they have got any.  Try contacting o2 to ask when they are due stock of that colour of watch.


@EmilieT  Any ideas when o2 are getting stock of The Gold series 4, 40mm Apple Watch will come back into stock?

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Re: Apple Watch Series 4

Thanks for the mention @Anonymous Smiley Happy


@Kel It's great to hear you're interested in getting an Apple Watch series 4! At the moment I have no information on when that model will be back in stock, but if I can find any more information I'll let you know here!

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