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swap iphone 4 sim card to nexus 4

i currently have iphone 4 on o2 pay & go text & web package.


i'm getting a nexus 4 sim free phone and was wondering can i simply remove the micro sim from iphone 4, put it into sim free nexus 4 and start using my text and web package as normal along with current call time etc or do i have to contact o2 to change everyting over to an android call package.


any help greatly appreciated

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Re: swap iphone 4 sim card to nexus 4

Text ACTIVE to 2020 and it should send the settings over. If the internet doesn't work then feel free to call Customer Services to get the settings manually.

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Re: swap iphone 4 sim card to nexus 4

If you have an iphone data package you may need to get it changed to standard data.
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