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unified daemon (eur)

Does any body know how to control this data hungry software. It seems to be using a lot of my data allowance to the point that I have had to turn off my mobile data because this program has taken me over my allowance.  Samsung Galaxy S4

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Re: unified daemon (eur)

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Re: unified daemon (eur)

It's the app that controls all the background updates for stuff like news, stocks, weather etc. As it's a system app you will need to be rooted to control it. However, you can go into the news and stock app and make sure that they are not set to update too frequently.
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Re: unified daemon (eur)

My experience is that this Unified Daemon (EUR) is associated to the "BRIEFING" widget which in my case had a FT NEWS feed (2 lines) and FT Stocks and Shares Feed (2 Lines).  I deduced that the "Briefing" widget was associated as it was the thing that complained when I de-activated the  Unified Daemon (EUR).  I put the Briefing widget in the trash and am going to use other widgets for news etc..  After disabling and throwing BRIEFING widget in the bin, I am back to 15 Mb today (over Wifi) in total rather than the 223Mb used by the  Unified Daemon (EUR) alone on the 9th Jan. Sadly on the 9th it was all over Modbile data as I was out!.