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text messages being sent to 006592324290

hi just wondering if anyone can help me with this problem. my new sony experia s on pay monthly is sending text messages with out my consent to the above no. i googled and found it to be to singapore from mcfee security . this was an app on my phone which i thought was a free 7 day trial. i have now unistalled it but has anyone had this same problem and has it really gone from my phone or do i need to reboot phone to remove it completly. thanks.

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Re: text messages being sent to 006592324290

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It should be gone but a reboot never hurts.


More on this here:




I think it's only supposed to send a text if the sim is changed.

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Re: text messages being sent to 006592324290

I think your teminology might be a little off:


Reboot - turn phone off and back on

restore/reformat/reset - restore it back to factory defaults.


If you meant ("do i need to restore"), i wouldn't jump straight into it as its a bit of a pain re-downloading your apps etc. Give it some time and see how you get on... If it's still sending the messages try clearing the cache then a factory reset. 


On the off chance you did mean "reboot/restart", then yes it wouldn't hurt to turn it back off and on again. Hope that makes sense!