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Not registered on Network when in France

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Hi All,


I have an S6 Edge.


I'm at my wits end with this problem, it has happened sporadically over the last 3 years and I've had to call cs which has usually resolved the problem but since the 2nd September every time I go to France I can't get registered on any Network, so I can't make any calls, send or receive texts or use my Data. I'm there every month working so it's important for my phone to be working to it's full potential and it's just luck that my partner has been with me on the last three trips so I was able to use her phone to call CS and keep up with my business.


When I called on the 2nd September the representative I spoke to at CS said she found a roaming bar on my account, both primary and back up servers, which she lifted and that cured my problem momentarily! So I called back again and was told the 'gurus' were trying to find the problem and somebody would call me back but nobody ever did.


Seventeen days later I was in France again and found myself with exactly the same problem and same lack of a solution from O2 although a 'guru' did call back and tell me I needed a new SIM card and if that didn't work the phone must be faulty, but he couldn't explain why my SIM worked perfectly in the UK. So on my return home I went to my local O2 shop and got a new SIM card.


Wednesday 21st Oct I was back in France and exactly the same problem, this time I was given a story of new transmitters being erected in the area causing outages but I was talking to him on another Samsung phone with a different number on my account - he couldn't fathom that out but promised me faithfully an engineer would call back within the hour but nobody returned my call. I called again yesterday and spoke to a woman who went through all my notes and checked that I had performed every option possible to try and get my phone to work but to no avail. She then said I probably needed a new SIM card(smh) and when I told her it was a new one she said you'll have to let O2 have the phone and send it away for repair, bearing in mind it's already been back to Samsung because the LCD died I told her I wanted a new replacement phone and she more or less said unless you pay off the remaining amount on your 2 year contract that's hard luck!


Surely when I opted to pay a bit extra for Samsung's flagship phone I should receive a faultless one? Not one that's been repaired twice? It's like paying full price for a new engine for your car and getting a reconditioned one in it's place.



Since 2nd September I've called CS 22 times about this and have had no help from O2!


tldr, ongoing 2 month problem, not registered on network when in France no help from O2, faulty phone want a new replacement.


Anybody got any thoughts on this?




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So, I went into my O2 store again and had a chat with the 'guru' and to give him his due he phoned CS and wouldn't take no for an answer. Lo and behold my phone is now working in France again! Why they kept insisting the problem was with the phone I'll never know.


Now I have another problem so I'll start another thread wink


Thanks to all for your help and advice.


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It had to be an account issue.
Sadly, not all CS agents know or care enough to fix all the issues.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Pleased to hear this issue at least was sorted @Anonymous wink

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