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Re: New Galaxy S3 colours announced.

Oh I do apologise profusely
!!!! But don't understand the importance of colours when the phone is such a contrary thing to use at times!!!
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Re: New Galaxy S3 colours announced.

@Anonymous wrote:
Think it just was so different from the old type mobiles and took me a long time to find my way round it! Having said that also the signal is very poor out in countryside in darkest Devon which now I realise did not help but at the time thought is was me being dim when trying to use it, eg. It's nothing for a picture to take up to 4 days to download, that's if it down loads at all! And the longest its taken for someone to receive a pic i sent is a fortnight.....hardly awesome? Along side this it is by far the worst phone for reception, the hassle I have got over missed calls and being unable to make them etc is unbelievable too, And converts texts to m m s even when you still within your letter allowance. Also can't send photos/video as phone says to big so you go in to setting to change this and get presto still says same thing! Awesome I don't think so! And as for the predictive text upgrade.....rubbish, the other one was fine why change it, if you can't better it leave it alone please.

Ok Tammy, your issues are signal problems and user error. Nothing to do with the phone. 

If you want to send a picture/video via MMS when you take the pic or video select settings in camera, recording mode and select limit for MMS and it will send everytime. 

If it is a bigger file than MMS then send as a email attachment. Simples really

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Re: New Galaxy S3 colours announced.

Good advice steersy.

tammy, if there is anything else you need help with just start a new topic - The phone is real easy to use but sometimes a little guidance is required Smiley Wink
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