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Help needed with phone storage on HTC 8S Please.

Hi, I have recently started using using the 8s and and have an 8GB micro card on it.


I have barely any apps on the phone, no music etc, yet a message for "make more space" keeps appearing and says there is only 157.17mb of free space out of 2GB? I have barely even any photos on it as Ive uploaded them to skydrive. Why could there be hardly any space?? I am confused. Ive only had it for 2 weeks and have inserted an 8GB storage card.


Is there no option to store games and apps etc to the SD card? I literally only have the apps the phone came with, and have downloaded about 7 small games (under 4mb whatever)


Can someone please explain if there is something I am not doing?



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Re: Help needed with phone storage on HTC 8S Please.

It appears to be a problem with windows phones as there doesn't seem to be anyway of clearing the cache without doing a full reset. Hopefully the issue will be addressed in a firmware update.
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Re: Help needed with phone storage on HTC 8S Please.

Remember that if you use your phone for email / MMS (Media messages) these can also take up a lot of space.  It's not just the ones you send either, it includes the ones your recieve.


If you have got email downloading, try limiting the attachment sizes that auto download and also the number of days historic email that is kept on the phone.  Similarly with your Media messages, check for embedded pictures, videos and audio clips.


It all adds up!