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HTC One X Jelly Bean update - any news

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Any idea when the HTC Jelly Bean update will be released for the One X?


I understand the forthcoming HTC One X+, listed as an October release on coming soon, will come with Jelly Bean already installed, does this mean other HTC Handsets should get the update a bit quicker, as I assume all the "testing" that O2 normally do on updates will already have been carried out for the new handset.

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Just spotted a possible bug but won't report it till others mention it. In certain apps which deliver web pages there is a very slight flicker when scrolling or loading pages.I've noticed in in Maps, Browser, and the XDA app so far.

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My phone feels very sluggish since the update and I don't see any of the new apps people have mentioned. Could it be due to me using an orange SIM in the phone rather than an o2??

Anybody have any ideas
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Yay! At last. I had a 'minor' (small) system update today first, and I wondered if it was a precursor to the big one. Then lo and behold - it commeth!



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@Anonymous wrote:

Hi guys,


Good to see everyone is getting their updates. If you're experiencing any difficulties with your software update or just need some help with your device, feel free to start a new thread.


In the meantime, I'd love to hear what you all think of the new JB update!




Finally got the battery update and then the Jellybean update. Everything updated fine, though I'm finding Jellybean very slow and laggy. Problems adding apps, problem with dragging the notification bar open and it not staying open. Problem with my preferred home screen launcher, which I purchased off Google Play.


I have noticed the changes mentioned on this thread, though overall I am not happy with the issues I appear to be having. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated, though I am not too keen on doing a factory reset.

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My phone was also slow straight after the update - rebooted it and it seems fine now. Menu's are a lot slicker and power saver seems to do a good job.

Only problem I have found is that it seems HTC has changed the way USB connections work. When it was possible to connect using USB Mass Storage, my CD player (Marantz CD6004) could recognise and play files. Since JB this no longer works (I'm assuming because no option to select USB Mass Storage). Really hope this is fixed soon as it was a useful feature!
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I've had the update since Saturday morning, and I think I've noticed a few things, I wonder if anyone else has noticed them (or even got solutions to the problems!) - firstly, every time I plug my phone into my PC to charge it, it now comes up as a storage device, and debugging is switched on. In the past, I could set it to charge only, and debugging stayed switched off. Secondly, I use Power Toggles, and now my widget can no longer switch the flashlight on (and neither can SwitchPro, which crashes when I try). On the plus side, my Power Toggles widget is switching GPS on and off without taking me to the Location Settings menu, and music with Beats Audio sounds noticeably better, and also louder...

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