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HTC Desire access to the Cloud and BT Openzone

Tried the cloud in my local o2 store ... connected @ 1st but no data was transferred ... walked up the road to a pub that does free wifi and it worked instantly
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HTC Desire access to the Cloud and BT Openzone

I have also had this issue for the last six weeks on my Desire. Very annoying! Tried explaining it to a person in the O2 store but they didn't want to know - would have expected better service from O2!
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HTC Desire access to the Cloud and BT Openzone

I thought I would try this out for myself in my local McDonalds as they have a Cloud Wi-Fi hotspot.

I couldn't get it to work either so I called O2 and apparently it isn't even included in my tariff! I am on the old Simplicity for Smartphone tariff with 4 for 1 MMS and international texts.

I always thought that included free Wi-Fi but I guess I was wrong. Ah well, no big loss. Not worth 'upgrading' my tariff just to get free Wi-Fi which I'll probably never use anyway. Smiley Happy
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HTC Desire access to the Cloud and BT Openzone

There's been progress. On Friday morning, The Cloud asked for my mobile number that entitles me to access (even though I thought I supplied it as a contact number). On Friday evening, I was able to gain access through a Cloud hotspot! Hooray! Whether this was because of my ticket with the Cloud or the escalation I raised with O2, I don't know.

Still no joy with BT Openzone hotspots. As they're both meant to be working by Tuesday, I'll give O2 until then before hassling them again.

If you're going to raise a ticket with the Cloud, then in order to shortcut the process, you should supply:

* your mobile number (it's not good enough to supply it as just a contact number - you have to be explicit about the mobile number you should have access through)
* the MAC address of your device's Wifi interface
* the location of any hotspots you've tried, what date and time and what IP address you were allocated.
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HTC Desire access to the Cloud and BT Openzone

Went out to my local wetherpsoon last night. Tried to connect in usual way it asked for my phone number again then wouldnt let me connected as usual.

I then swapped to the small app I'd download from The cloud website when registering there and that connected instantly......

Seems to be the registering of my number thats the problem Smiley Indifferent
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HTC Desire access to the Cloud and BT Openzone

Thought I'd check my access out yesterday, so I went into a Pret a Manger shop in London.

Turned on WiFi and quickly found an entry for the Cloud in the list of available WiFi networks and connected to it.

Opened the browser and was taken to a Cloud page, selected O2 from a list of providers, entered my mobile number in the next screen and connected straight away!

I've got unlocked Desire and a Simplicity for Smartphone sim
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Re: help

Everything else works a treat, but can't access both Cloud and more importantly Openzone, even though i'm paying for them.

I've only just discovered this about not being able to use BT Openzone - what a swindle! They don't make that very clear do they?! Maybe they should have two differently named wifi bolt-ons ("Cloud Wifi" and "Premium Wifi" or whatever).
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Sounds like people are getting their connectivity sorted to the cloud by logging a support call and getting things flushed out.

But this still leaves Openzone..... which is the main one as that provides to most access points.
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HTC Desire access to the Cloud and BT Openzone

I see O2 seem to have changed the wording of their smartphone tariff. The tariff I am on is now called "Online simplicity 15 iPhone 12 month SIM Only".

When I was sold this the "iPhone" bit wasn't there. The agent was pretty technically literate and was absolutely clear that I had my own unlocked Desire which was why I was changing to the cheaper contract.

Openzone access is an absolute requirement for me (I have yet to come across a Cloud AP after a month).
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HTC Desire access to the Cloud and BT Openzone

[ Edited ]
Hmmm - and they now have an updated Smartphone tariff which looks like the one I was sold. Here's the conversation I just had using their online sales chat feature - seems pretty clear regarding Openzone:

Welcome to O2 live chat. Someone will start chatting with you soon.
You're through to Dennis.
You: I'm inquiring about your simplicity smartphone tariff
Dennis: Brilliant.
Dennis: How can I help you with that today?
You: I need to clarify what I get - I have an HTC Desire and need unlimited mobile internet and wifi - not too bothered about texts but anout 250 minutes would be good
Dennis: Brilliant
Dennis: ok lets look at this for you now.
You: thanks
Dennis: In order for us to match your needs I just need to ask you a couple of questions to ensure we get the best package for you.
Dennis: Is that ok?
You: hmm - I don't have much time and just want to know if the simplicity 15 tariff is right for me.
Dennis: Ok
Dennis: This wont take too long
You: ...
Dennis: Ok..
Dennis: Do you call many O2 numbers or landlines from your handset?
You: No
Dennis: Ok
Dennis: Do you ever make international calls or take your phone abroad with you?
You: Rarely if ever - so I don't need unlimited o2 to o2 calls or Abroad bolt ons
Dennis: ok brilliant.
Dennis: Thanks again for answering my questions. So just to re-cap, you're looking for...
Dennis: 250 minutes unlimited mobile internet and wifi
You: yep - and if some free texts are thrown in all the better
You: for the HTC Desire
Dennis: I would would recommend the smart phone tariff then which is £15 a month for the 12 month term 300 mins unlimited texts and also internet.
Dennis: Would you like the link to that?
You: Sounds good - does that include Openzone WiFi access?
Dennis: Yes it does.
You: Sounds spot on then, thanks.
Dennis: click for Smart phone tariffs.

http://shop.o2.co.uk/tariffs/simplicity ... /12_months

Dennis: Has that worked for you?
You: Got it thanks - no mention of Wifi so just checking this is included in the "Unlimited Data" and that I will be able to use BTOpenzone hotspots
You: Wow - unlimited texts as well!
Dennis: Yes it is.
You: Great - thanks Dennis.
Dennis: Its not something that is pro actively mentioned on the site but i can assure you it is in there!
You: Thanks again - bye.