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MMS settings on Samsung GT-S3650 not working

My husband and I have identical mobiles, the Samsung GT-S3650. They are both on O2. As far as we can tell, they both have the same settings for MMS. I can send and receive picture messages. My husband cannot. When I send him a picture message, he gets a text from O2 telling him he has received a picture message and to view it he has to go to the O2 website and type in a pin. When I receive a picture message I just get the picture. Any ideas why this is happening? He has requested the settings from the O2 website several times but it makes no difference.


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Re: MMS settings on Samsung GT-S3650 not working

I would guess that the MMS service is not provisioned on his account. Call CS (202 contract or 4445 PAYG) and ask for it to be activated or re activated. (If it is showing as active ask them to remove it and re apply it).
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