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Galaxy S3 battery life - poor

Battery life appears really poor. Having charged this to 100%, It's showing it's been on for For 6 hrs, and battery is at 88%. Checking the battery level brought it down from 90% when I woke it up. Surely this suggests there is something wrong with my battery? At this rate, the phone would not come close to lasting a day without a charge on light use. Power saving and auto brightness are on. Any ideas? If this is the way it works, then I'm afraid back it goes. That's much worse than my IPhone 4. Much worse.
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Re: Galaxy S3 battery life - poor

i don't have an s3, but the same battery tips apply to most android devices.


install juice defender & 3G watchdog pro from the google play store. the first will save you some juice on a stock rom (like on the s3). 3g watchdog will monitor your data usage, and can give indepth reports what apps/widgets are sucking data/battery life.


turn your brightness down to an acceptible level. turn off auto brightness.

turn off data (3G & wifi) when not in use.

weather & news widgets eat battery as some have update settings set at default to refresh quickly.

titanium backup (google play store) app can freeze apps that you don't need.

pressing back button to exit an app instead of letting it run in the background. close all unnecssary apps in task manager.


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Re: Galaxy S3 battery life - poor

Don't forget that new batteries need to go through a few charge cycles before getting up to full power.

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Re: Galaxy S3 battery life - poor

my s3 battery works for about 2 /12 days before it needs a charge.

turn of wifi when not in use.

other activities which will rinse the battery much quicker include watching video, playing music, playing games.

use your task manager to kill off any apps running in the background that might want a nice chunk of your power.
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Re: Galaxy S3 battery life - poor

As previously mentioned you do need to go through a few full battery cycles before it is operating at full capacity. Mine was running low quickly the first couple of days but after a few full discharges and re-charges it's now lasting me all day. Usually with full use nothing switched off im getting about 15% left from a 7am-midnight use.


I was having to recharge my old galaxy nexus at around 3pm to get me through the day so i'm more than happy with my GS3 battery life.

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Re: Galaxy S3 battery life - poor

and.... because the phone is new you are using it much more than "normal". The screen will eat battery fast. Look in your battery stats and you will probably see "screen on" up around 60-70%. This will reduce as you stop playing with it so much after a few days/weeks.....
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Re: Galaxy S3 battery life - poor

do you have any apps that use location settings? if so, turn off the apps that you dont want to use your location everytime you use them

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