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Galaxy S3 Wont Send Texts Or Make Outgoing Calls

Hey guys got the galaxy s3 and for some annoying reason i cant send texts or make outgoing calls. My bill is up to date and i have tried restart and taking back off, remove sim etc when i go to make a call it says "you cannot make calls while call baring is on" the block isnt active in the settings and it just wont send messages. Tried connecting to network in settings and it is connected but in the 'about phone' section it says mobile network disconnected... can anyone help please Smiley Sad
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Re: Galaxy S3 Wont Send Texts Or Make Outgoing Calls

You'll have to call CS as it sounds like there is a block on your SIM or account.
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Re: Galaxy S3 Wont Send Texts Or Make Outgoing Calls

i had this a few days ago.


i called CS, and they couldnt work it out either.


i did several hard boots (battery removed while turned on etc) then i phoned the person texts werent being sent to, and he said he didnt have mms set up on his fone.


have u checked this????? or is it working now working?


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