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tech for blind people

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Smart spectacles have been developed by a man who lost his sight, he is from the Phillippines ... the software lets the wearer know what / who is in front of them & at what distance ... & ... can be personalised eg so the blind person will know next time whether to say eg Hello to someone approaching them


Source: The World Service on the BBC ... Business News programme 

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Re: tech for blind people

Still in final stages of development  @WispaRed7 

Marx Melencio has developed an app that voices up the video-recognition data provided by Microsoft.

The Microsoft platform, known as Cognitive Services, recognises what objects appear in a video and translates that information into text.

Marx has developed a computer code that can turn that text into spoken audio

So the only thing left to do is process that data into a usable form for blind people. And to automate the system

As Marx says in the article "he was robbed of sight and has a vision to help people see".


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