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Phone ads and sound quality info

All phone sales

I clicked on the ads for a few phones &the info. With my background I was looking for the quality of sound, decibels and boost capabilities. Did I missed these ?  or  has 02 and the telephone trade not realised that peoples hearing declines from 40years onward. There are millions of customers needing info on enhanced hearing?


Sellers such as Action for Hearing Loss give this info. That is why Ive never bought a phone itself from 02   That and the fact staff look aghast when i say the phone needs to be trialled for a week or 2. !!  


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Re: Phone ads and sound quality info



No matter what they claim when they launch a new one, unless you've got connected headphones, phone sound quality for video and music is always going to be dire because the speaker diaphragm depth is limited by how thin the device along with the recordling level of the source material is as you know way better than I do.


if they make the speakers down firing this sometimes improves things a bit but again is limited by internal component density.


I have a similar issue with phones that don't have loud ringtone capability as I work in a very busy and noisy office so I need to be able to hear it ringing or if I get a text.


I buy my hardware sim free now and have returned a number of devices because of this.


Although O2 and the other players in the market are the biggest customers of the manufacturers as they purchase them in the millions unless they commission their own brand I don't think they have that much sway over the design as manufacturers advertise direct to consumers and those controlling hardware ranges look at what is proving popular with their competitors and ensure they range that make and model as if they didn't a potential customer or worse a large business account could be won by a competitor just because the competitor is ranging that handset.


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Re: Phone ads and sound quality info

@Jenny105 That's very intresting feedback, thanks a lot for sharing it with us - we'll pass this on on our end to the team on your behalf Smiley Happy

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Re: Phone ads and sound quality info

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I use the Power tel M9500    It has a loud (adjustable) sound and boost system.

I am just severely deaf but I can just hear calllers in busy situations

It has a simple system    or an android facia. 

If  you'd like to trial one contact a disability company such Action for Hearing Loss , They allow you to try and buy for about 28 days. If its not suitable then it can be returned. Theres good back up too


I have tried to make 02 understand that deaf people need to trial. I was told that was impossible a few years back. I dont know if theres been any improvement. Hence I have never yet bought a phone from 02.