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Re: Mobile device & mental health: your tips


@MusicIan wrote:

Its finding whatever does the trick. The key to winding down the spring inside that feels as if it could snap and break everything at any moment. 


If phones help you, great. Whatever eases your mind is good.


When I was suffering from depression in the 90s I loved reading James Herriot books. My favorite place was (and still is) the west coast of Scotland and to help relax I used to “drive” in my head up the A82 or A83 up to Inverary. 


Yes, I’m that sad. 


I retired as a musician in 2013 but the world had other ideas. Now I use my skills to hold open the gate for people with all sorts of issues to discover if music can help them unlock some release from their pain.


I believe that if you can take control of your condition for just 30 minutes, whether by playing a game on your phone, listening to a choice of music or watching corrie, you are starting on the road back to better balance and optimism. That’s all it is, mind. A start.


My goodness I do go on.  Sorry about that. 


I too had chronic depression some years ago.  No mobiles then !!  I might have bothered friends too much with texts !!!!. My occupation was sewing those ready made embroidery kits. No fear of failure, easy , and  attractive end product. 

These days the only item i use on the mobile to cool down is Sudoko by studio257 (i think) Brill. I love to sit an d do an easy puzzle to chill. 

Im partially hearing so music is nt a great option. However I do belong to the Rock Choir so Halo and Hallejujah (in 5 parts) on the phone would be uplifting as long as i could hear itThanks!Mexican Wave






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Re: Mobile device & mental health: your tips

@Cleoriff wrote:

I think the main thing to remember with mental health issues, is what works for one, won't necessarily work for someone else.

This is why 1-1 care is imperative. Depression is caused by a multitude of issues and relevant only to that one individual. This is why there are so many people with problems. There are not enough MH staff available to cope with everyone.


Mental health groups offer a great service but not so helpful when they see people in groups. Clients then start to think they need to fit into the dynamics within that group and it probably exacerbates their problems when they don't.


Putting it simply, I could have a ward of 20 patients, all with fractured femurs. The care given to each and every one will be exactly the same. The ongoing treatment and rehabilitation will be the same. Their recovery to their normality will be (on average) pretty much the same.


This is NOT the case with people who suffer with mental health problems. We need so much more money invested into this 'cinderella' service

 quite right. One of my relatives has anxious depression at present. Hes managed to stay at work but the talking therapy promised is taking ages to come through. And will be by phone not face to face

So the relative start talking to his boss , now he feels his jobs on the linebecause he talked so freely.  

If he'd broken his leg he couldnt have done the job and the boss would be in trouble as there arent enough staff if he's not there. Its a physical job.

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Re: Mobile device & mental health: your tips

I'll try to be brief Smiley Wink

Having my mobile phone gives me Peace of Mind


when in quiet comtemplation / sanctuary / solace in the rather 'out of the way' garden of the Quakers Meeting House ... = ... I had my phone to hand, just in case anyone threatening came down The Ginnel


* voicemail off + only notifications are texts & a few odd ones I don't know why? = not a bother 


* I have learned how to deal with spam callers ... = ... simply put the phone down, say nothing, block the caller ... I have taught my mum that 'they are after your money' she politely says 'no thank you' & puts the phone down


* on my home screen are help numbers eg the Samaritans, my support worker (whom I pay for), Rapid Response Team, GP surgery


* my phone goes everywhere with me ... = ... it's a natural part of my everyday living




* My window on the World ... most particularly when I'm too ill to get out of the house ... (long days when I can't get out of the house), but I do try even if it's an ice cream in Shakeamania any time of the year


* to do research on the internet eg those recent blue links earlier on this thread, I prefer the larger screen, tho' recently it's been me snuggling up in bed using my mobile phone


* looking at nice pictures ... = ... I kid you not ... I'm a member of lots of photography groups, tho' can't post on the groups of Facebook yet (On my To-Do list)


* keeping in touch with old friends / schoolfriends ... Class of 65 Will Be 65 ... = ... our year meeting up next year ... this on mobile too, but not so much rainbow

*possum si vollo* *per ardua ad astra*

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