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I preordered the Samsung z fold 3

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So I preordered the Samsung z fold 3, and the whole time the order stated waiting for release date, well this morning my order is now saying I need to wait for more stock! What was the point of me preordering then? And when am I likely to get this delivered?

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I can think of a number of reasons, @Hayley9 

  • It could be O2's way of saying "we've received stock, your order is being processed, hang in there"
  • O2's stock management system is not "live" - other pre-orders may have been ahead of you if the stock received was less than they expected
  • It's the weekend, things are a little slower...

If you have any queries, a call to O2 on any of the numbers in this Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support may put your mind at rest - call around 08:15 UK morning time to stand a better chance of getting onto the queue of calls awaiting attention.

Good luck, and I hope you get your new phone soon.

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Its more like O2 have oversold the stock of them that they have and now waiting for further supplies from Samsung, I am in the same position and on the Samsung Community forum there are lots of people that have ordered them directly from Samsung being told they are having to wait until after 10th of Sept now for theirs, some of them are cancelling their orders because of it.

Looking at past posts the same thing happened with the Fold 2 .. looks like O2 and Samsung have not learned lessons, they should not allow pre ordering of stock they don't have and instead should inform people of the expected waiting times.

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Samsung and o2 aren't the only ones who do this.. Apple, Microsoft, Google, EE, Voda, Three, Virgin... the list goes on....  all do the same it used to be just a tech thing.... but is now spreading into Cars as well, try and buy a VW, they will take a big deposit, then tell you its due in June 2022....

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We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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I complained a couple of days ago, now it seems they have cancelled my order ... saying that has made me annoyed is an understatement .. over 30 year with O2 and this is what happens. 

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