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Doro 8035, out now

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Perfect as a first smartphone, for someone that wants ease and convenience with the power of Android, or if you're just after a well made device with great features and loud audio, then the new Doro 8035 could be the one for you - it even comes with free screen replacement for 12 months (terms apply)!

Get it here!

As it's currently #DeafAwarenessWeek, it's also worth noting the Doro 8035 is hearing aid compatible, and if you're hard-of-hearing, then the super loud and clear sounds could help.

We'd also like to take the opportunity to highlight that our Access For All team at O2 are here to help any customers with accessibility troubles - whether you're just looking for the best device to suit your needs, or if you need a hand with something else, they're here to help - just drop me, Martin, Marjo or Emilie a DM and we can take things from there.


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Re: Doro 8035, out now

Excellent news @Chris_K

I'm sure  @Jenny105 will also be interested in this news Smiley Wink

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Re: Doro 8035, out now

Thanks Cleoriff.... Interesting. I have the Amplicomms version of this. Maybe I'll right a light review to show what this type of device can do for the older person, those not familiar with wi fi and for the deaf
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Re: Doro 8035, out now

Will look forward to that @Jenny105
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Re: Doro 8035, out now

Excellent news @Jenny105. I will look forward to reading it. I love reading reviews Smiley Wink

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Re: Doro 8035, out now

Well, as someone whose hearing and sight is diminishing by the day, I'll be very interested in a review @Jenny105

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Re: Doro 8035, out now

That'd be fantastic @Jenny105, looking forward to reading this as well smile

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