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Apple Watch Argos and return

Not sure if this is the right place and the title doesn’t do it justice, and it may sound pathetic but I bought an Apple Watch full price brand new, I’ve had it about 2 weeks and it wasn’t right from the start. I decided to take it back and they agreed to replace it, but sadly due to my age, they fobbed me off with a watch that the packaging has been damaged during transit. I asked them what this was about because it has a sticker, but they said they had it done damaged and then they opened it checked it over then put it back. They didn’t even repackage it properly. As an OCD sufferer, but also suffer from anxiety in social situations. This makes me really uncomfortable because I do not want something someone’s touched, but since I’m not good at interacting with people, I didn’t want to bring it up bit i asked them about it and They might as well have told me to get over it. I left the store to make a call to my mum. Who told me to go in and she would have spoke over the phone, but they literally just closed. Basically they’ve sold me an item at full price as new, but basically it isn’t. And with an apple product, everyone knows peeling the seal is the best bit. Going to try and exchange it tomorrow, can they refuse to?
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Re: Apple Watch Argos and return

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You have 30 days to return the item & they should either refund you or offer a replacement