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Sony Xperia T – Jellybean 4.1 update *Released*

Good news!


The Jellybean update for Sony Xperia T is commencing from today onwards for O2 customers :smileyhappy:


How do you get it? You'll get a notification on your device about the new software update which you can choose to install by going to Menu > Settings > About > Software Updates > Check now.


As the update has just been rolled out, you may not get this notification straight away (don't panic!) as you'll get a notification over the next few days. 


What does this update do?


• Google Now:  Google Now brings you just the right information at just the right time. Cards appear throughout the day at the moment you need them, and appear as a notification when they're important. 

• Android Beam: Android Beam is a popular NFC-based technology that lets users instantly share, just by touching two NFC-enabled phones together.


Let us know how get on and share your experiences!



Thanks, Abs