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cancelling contract phone

well ive just been on o2 live chat bout cancelling my contract and got cut off iam fumming as i was just bout get it terminated grrrr not happy

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Re: cancelling contract phone

They are closed now until 5am.

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Re: cancelling contract phone

Do not use Live Chat to cancel your contract. It should only be used for low level enquiries. If you want to cancel, call Customer Services on 202 free from your mobile. Be aware that you will have to pay any remaining months that are left on your contract, less any bolt-ons you may have.

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Re: cancelling contract phone

they told me i have too pay 103.98 but they bout tell me bout sending me sim card for same number on pay as you go then cut me off

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Re: cancelling contract phone

Ring 202 and they will close your account, issue you with a final bill and transfer your number to a PAY&G sim card. As stated, do not use chat to close your account.

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