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Moving to Contract

I have been an O2 PAYG customer for three years now and want to move to a contract to get a new Galaxy S3. I am under 18 and therefore would need to get the contract in my parents name, and have it paid for through their bank account. If I were to purchase a contract will I be able to keep my existing O2 number and the same login details. Would this only happen if I purchased the contract from O2, as I am seeing better deals on other sites such as www.affordablemobiles.co.uk?
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Re: Moving to Contract

You can keep your number and transfer it to the contract wherever you get it from. You will also keep your same sign in details.

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Re: Moving to Contract

Hi I am thinking of doing something similar. Have had iphone 3g for 3 years with o2 on pay and go. would like to transfer to a 4s on pay monthly. I need to keep the same number, how do I go about doing that?
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Re: Moving to Contract

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