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I want to pay my bill

I am going to be unable to pay via automated payment method for several month while I move my bank details and will be moving abroad. I want to pay my bill on time but will not always be able to access My O2 online to be able to do this. :smileyfrustrated:


I want to pay manually sometimes by card and sometimes by other methods and would like to know how I can pay my bill by what methods as my circumstances change :smileyhappy:




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Re: I want to pay my bill

Could you not leave the old bank account running and just fund it to pay the DD?

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Re: I want to pay my bill

You would still need to keep a UK account going as the system won't accept an overseas account details or card. You don't say how long you will be overseas but the easiest way would be to phone to make payment if you won't have access to My O2.

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