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Re: Can I reduce my tariff?

I didn't realise they actually stopped this last year and agree this is silly. I also agree it is a case of managing to speak with a CSA willing or able to help. Luck of the draw/ don't ask, don't get etc. At least the 202 number is free.
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Re: Can I reduce my tariff?

bandofbrothers wrote:

MargaretH wrote:
Appreciate being on PAYG allows more control over things.

Sure does.


Im on Pay as you Go Go Go £20.


1GB data.

500 Minutes.

5000 texts.


On a par with most Pay Monthly Contracts and no worries of not being able to afford the monthly fee each month, and I can change it once a month if another 'better' deal crops up.


Win win !

Which is why I'm on a rolling monthly Siimplicity contract which I can end with 30 days notice at any time.


However, it's an old tariff and with genuine unlimited data and more than enough minutes and texts to meet my needs, I would be crazy to change.


Bear in mind on P&G you have a sort of 'contract' whereby you have to top up a certain amount by a certain date to get your allowances on most decent tariffs. I just prefer not to have the hassle of remembering to top up and the convenience of direct debit without being tied in for more than 30 days.

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Re: Can I reduce my tariff?

it actually sounds like your on a Refresh tariff as tgey are the only tariffscthat would offer 600 mins for 12.00 which is the lowest refresh tariff agreement
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Re: Can I reduce my tariff?

Would have been done because with the price of smart phones now, reducing the contract means they get less back to pay off the phone cost. I suspect people also abused it.
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