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Priority Moments Currys Code Help

I went for a TV at Currys today and got my Priority Moments code ready to use but the TV was out of stock. Now even though i didn't use the code at the checkout, i cant get it back. Is there anything i can do to get it again or have i blown it?

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Re: Priority Moments Currys Code Help

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the offers are only valid for 30 days, once you have got the code either save it for later or use now, you could try speaking to live chat or call cs on 202 from a contract phone or 4445 if a payg phone

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Re: Priority Moments Currys Code Help

We can't reissue another code unfortunately. Try looking online at o2.co.uk/priority and see if you can redeem it there?


I had a wee look on my PM to see if I had the offer to give you the code - but I don't unfortunately!


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Re: Priority Moments Currys Code Help

All I've got is £20 off if I spend over £200.
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