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MyO2 Android App



Having just upgraded to my first smartphone, I was delighted to learn of the MyO2 app which was available for download. Having installed it, I was thrilled to be able to manage my PAYG mobile account through it, especially seeing the remaining allowances. However, I was somewhat dismayed to see that I couldn't top-up directly via the app itself.


Furthermore I was discouraged to see that I could not access my home phone and home broadband accounts via the app.


Are there any plans to upgrade the app to allow us to manage our entire accounts through the app, (or is there a mobile website similar to the Barclays one at Barclays.mobi which I am, as yet, unaware of), which we can us to administer our full accounts whilst out and about?





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Re: MyO2 Android App

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You can navigate to wap.o2.co.uk/o2active and click MyO2 from there, and then bookmark it.



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Re: MyO2 Android App

Thanks perksie. Not available for PAYG mobile customers apparently, (but they are working on it). :smileysad: