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sim showing not provisioned:2 on Blackberry

Hello everyone


My son lost his phone a number of weeeks ago. He is on an O2 contract and was sent a replacement sim on Monday. He is back to using his old pay-as-you go blackberry that is also an O2 phone, but he hasnt had any servive on it and it is showing the message  "sim showing not provisioned:2".

Im trying to get to the bottom of it for him as i only see him weekends. Does the sim need activating or something. Im trying to find out were hes upto with it but its like pulling teeth with.

Thats all the infomation i have im affraid. Could advise on what what i need to do it would be appreciated.


Thank You 


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Re: sim showing not provisioned:2 on Blackberry

Yes he needs to contact customer service to get the sim activated. Also get them to check that any bars placed on the sim when it was reported lost have been removed.

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Re: sim showing not provisioned:2 on Blackberry

First step is to activate the SIM.
Secondly, if the old account was blocked this block will need to be lifted.
Thirdly, he will need a BB data bolt on if his previous contract was not set up fro a BB.
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