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iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch?

Am stuck between the two...my hubby has a torch and i've had a go on that and really like it, and I went to the 02 shop yesterday and had a play with the iPhone 4 and really liked that too!
I like both phones for their different qualities, I've been stuck with Nokia's for the last 10 years so really want to treat myself and get a decent, hardwearing phone!
I like apps, I like emailing and I like internet browsing! Both offer this and I just can't decide!
Any advice or personal opinions would be very much appreciated
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Re: iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch?

I find that web browsing on the iPhone 4 is better than on any blackberry I've ever used, and by a long way. I also think the apps on the app store are way ahead too. I was very impressed with the Torch when it was launched but when my mate got one he said it wasnt that great and now cannot wait for his upgrade to come around and get an HTC smartphone instead.
I got the iPhone 4 in January and I've never regretted it.
Are you aware that an iPhone 5 is strongly tipped for a Sept/Oct release? Would it be worth your while to wait a little?
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Re: iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch?

and there is a new Torch coming real soon now which is an improvement on the outgoing model.
Again, it really does come down to what you want to use it for. If you're doing the facebook/twitter/text/instant messaging thing then a keyboard is probably going to be more comfortable than a touchscreen. On the other hand, if apps are more critical and going to be a long term thing then go for the iphone.
Bear in mind that if you're not in a good reception area for 3G then the iphone is going to grate whereas the BB will be better suited. If battery life is important then be prepared for lots of charging whatever smartphone you get (BB's tend to be better here).
Also, have you considered the Window Phone 7 phones? Not many apps but seems to be well regarded so far (again new models are due soon with the Mango update).
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Re: iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch?

Worth considering Android phones too, especially if you want hardwearing.
I had an HTC Desire Z (with flip-out full QWERTY key-pad) which I've just sold after 11 months in perfect condition.
o2 do the Sensation and Desire S at the smartphone "high-end". Worth looking at IMHO.
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