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hide wifi connection

hi,i have a wee acer aspire one and it's all connected up fine, i know there are several folk in my area on wifi and in fact the o2 help desk showed me how to switch channels, i have heard that i can 'hide' my connection, can anyone explain in old man's language how i can hide my connection, i think there's also an option to password it that may be easier? thanks in advance for any help.
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Re: hide wifi connection

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You need to change the security encryption to WPA2 if it's not already on that.
The password is set to be the serial number of the O2 Box, but changing it to a long and difficult to guess one may help.
Keep all the other boxes on that page ticked, hiding your network will not improve security (this is an internet myth), and may cause you network connectivity problems.
http://www.o2help.co.uk/router-wpa-security/ (Oliver's Help Pages)
More on hiding the SSID (network name) here:
http://blogs.technet.com/b/steriley/arc ... ssids.aspx
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hide wifi connection

Im new to Mambo and have been reading a lot of security related material trying to get answers to my questions I have before publishing a mambo website. Every section I read seems to point out the precaution of hiding the fact that youre using Mambo. Even the sticky section above gives a tip of "Remove everything that identifies your site as a Mambo site from the frontend" My question is, why even use Mambo if it is such a security risk that you dont want anyone to know youre actually using it? Why is it so important to hide the fact your website is produced by Mambo? I dont get it.