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0844 & 0871 Numbers

Have O2 Landline started to block calls to 0844 & 0871 international call overrides? I just get a white noise when calling these numbers. :smileyindifferent:
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Re: 0844 & 0871 Numbers

Sounds like a fault, give O2 a ring and check.
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Re: 0844 & 0871 Numbers

You should by now have found out that O2 charge their own fees for this type of numbers. :smileysad:
I have been a proud O2 Broadband customer for 3 years now and was looking to move my Home Phone service over to O2 as well.
Unfortunately I am an 0844 40 and 0871 7 user and currently get charged 0.5p per minute and 7.0p per minute respectively plus a connection fee. With O2 these rates would be charged at 1.9p per minute (almost 4 times) and 13.9p per minute (almost twice) :smileyindifferent: .
So I am just thinking that you might have been blocked by O2 because you had incurred charges way above your expectations.
anyway, I do hope it was an O2 fault :womanindifferent:
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