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02 Tariff Price match?

I have seen a good offer by 3 for a pay monthly contract but the 3 signal is not very good in my area. I am just wondering whether 02 will match this deal if i phone up? Anyone got any ideas if they price match other tariffs offers? Thanks in advance
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Re: 02 Tariff Price match?

It seems at the moment that O2 do not price-match according to ther forum members comments. Best to just ring retentions and ask

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Re: 02 Tariff Price match?

thanks alot mate for the speedy response Smiley Very Happy
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Re: 02 Tariff Price match?

I was with o2 for 13yrs with three contracts running on the same account, as well as a PAYG. My DH also has a contract with o2.
I tried upgrading with them last month and was offered nothing for my loyalty. They wouldn't even put me through to retensions and cancelled 2 of my contracts without any attempt to get me to stay with them Smiley Mad . I cancelled My 3rd contract a week later and got the deal I wanted from tesco Mobile. Tesco mobile network run on the same network as o2, so the service will be just as good.
o2 are giving their existing customers nothing, but they claim to be giving existing customers the same deal as new customers. I think not.